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Balancing Innovation with Regulatory Compliance

Updated: Jun 25

We are pleased to announce the release of an insightful pre-recorded presentation titled "Balancing Innovation with Regulatory Compliance: AI in Financial Services," which is now available for your review. This presentation aims to equip investment advisors with essential knowledge on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their practices while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

In this presentation, Michael Matthews, CFA, and Lisa M. Marsden, IACCP®, share their extensive expertise on the subject. Michael Matthews, who holds a master’s in financial engineering from World Quant University and a bachelor’s in finance and economics from the University of Central Florida, is an adjunct professor of finance at Florida Atlantic University. With over a decade of experience in the financial industry, including his role as a managing partner, president, and portfolio manager at Financial Trust Asset Management, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the discussion. Lisa M. Marsden, IACCP, is the owner of Coulter Strategic Services, a financial regulatory compliance service company providing compliance and educational services to registered investment advisers. Prior to starting Coulter Strategic Services, LLC, Lisa was a partner and member of the C-Suite at Financial Advisory Firms in Florida. She holds a degree in computer programming from Keiser University and the Investment Advisor Certified Compliance Professional Designation and is a CFA Investment Foundations Certificate Holder. Lisa proudly served as the 2017 President of the Financial Planners Association of South Florida and was a Board member for several years. Lisa is currently a Board Member of the CFA Society of South Florida, a member of the FPA of South Florida, and of the National Society of Compliance Professionals.  Lisa shall cover the regulatory concerns and provide information on How to use AI while maintaining compliance.

The presentation covers the following key areas:

  • AI Background

  • Generative AI Tips

  • Practical Tools and Use Cases

  • AI Regulatory Landscape

  • Implementation Strategies

We believe this presentation will provide valuable guidance on harnessing AI's potential to enhance your services while navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance.

***Note: This email message was AI-generated and edited by the Humans accordingly


For your convenience, we have included timestamps for specific topics in the video below:

0:00 – Introduction & Disclaimer 

0:41 – Bio: Lisa Marsden, IACCP®

1:15 – Bio: Michael Matthews, CFA®

3:00 – Contact Information

4:04 AI Background

4:05– Regulatory Definition

5:25 – Types of AI (Generative vs. Predictive)

8:10 – AI Terminology

12:22 – Large Language Model (LLM) Intuition: Next word/token prediction

16:00 Tips for Using Generative AI

23:00 – Prompting Best Practices

29:08 – Dealing with Hallucination

30:16 – Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

36:11 – Model Finetuning

38:30 – CAUTION: Protect your data!

40:00 AI Tools 

45:18 Generative AI use Cases 

50:25 Investment Use Cases

54:15 – Basics of Factor Modeling

54:48 – Investment Factor Model Using Chat GPT

56:07 – Prompting Example

57:57 – Personal Research Assistant

1:00:00 – Regulatory Landscape/Current Regulatory Expectations 

1:01:20 – AI Sweet Exam Questions Summary

1:01:41 – Proposal Conflicts of Interest Associated with the Use of Predictive Data Analytics by Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

1:03:41 – Implementation Tips

If you would like specific compliance education, training, and services to help with your compliance program or project, please contact Coulter Strategic Services. 

Check out Coulter Strategic Services' growing collection of training resources. Visit today and stay tuned for new training resources.

All information provided is for educational purposes and shall not be construed as specific advice.  The information does not reflect the view of any regulatory body, State or Federal Agency or Association.  All efforts have been made to report true and accurate information. However, the information could become materially inaccurate without warning. Not all information from third-party sources can be thoroughly vetted.  Coulter Strategic Services and its staff do NOT provide legal opinions or legal recommendations. Nothing in this material shall be considered as legal advice or opinion.  

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