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Marketing within Compliance - Marketing For Advisors

Join SBMC Consulting and Coulter Strategic Services for an insightful session featuring a compliance professional and a marketing expert specializing in working with advisory firms. We dive into the nuances of the amended Marketing Rule and provide actionable strategies to leverage social media, use testimonials, and engage promoters while remaining compliant. This session covers key changes in the rule, best practices for social media marketing, effective use of client testimonials and promoters, and compliance tips to ensure your marketing efforts meet regulatory requirements. With practical examples, compliance checklists, and engaging conversation, this free session is designed to be reviewed by your compliance team and internal or external marketing sources. For any questions or further assistance, please contact us and mention this session. Stay ahead of regulatory changes and enhance your marketing strategies with confidence.

If you would like specific compliance education, training, and services to help with your compliance program or project, please contact Coulter Strategic Services. 

Check out Coulter Strategic Services' growing collection of training resources. Visit today and stay tuned for new training resources.

All information provided is for educational purposes and shall not be construed as specific advice.  The information does not reflect the view of any regulatory body, State or Federal Agency or Association.  All efforts have been made to report true and accurate information. However, the information could become materially inaccurate without warning. Not all information from third-party sources can be thoroughly vetted.  Coulter Strategic Services and its staff do NOT provide legal opinions or legal recommendations. Nothing in this material shall be considered as legal advice or opinion.  



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